Fees include:

  • One Year BCPTA Membership or Subscription
    - Current BCPTA Members or Subscribers receive a One Year Extended Membership or Subscription
  • Onsite Food and Beverage on October 21
  • Welcome Wine and Cheese on Thursday night
Fee Type
$ 175.00 BCTF Member
$ 100.00 Student attending a BC Teacher Education Program
$ 145.00 TTOC and Retirees
$ 210.00 Non BCTF Registrants (Subscribers)
$ 210.00 All other Registrants not included above (Subscribers)

Registration will close on October 13, 2022.

BCPTA Cancellation / Refund Policy

  1. A $25 cancellation fee will apply to ALL cancellations.
  2. Registration closing date will be a week before the conference if in person and the evening before if it is a virtual conference.  
  3. If canceling before registration closes, the registrant will be refunded all except the $25 cancellation fee.
  4. If requesting to cancel after registration closes, this must be done in writing to the registrar and the request will be discussed and decided upon by the executive after the conference.  
  5. If it is decided that a refund will be granted after registration closes, it will be the amount paid minus the $25 cancellation fee and minus the membership/subscription fee.

Onsite Catering

Breakfast, AM Break, Buffet Lunch, Snacks
for speakers, student volunteers, registrants, BCPTA executive members, invited guests and exhibitor reps